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Monday Highlights from the Kenya Team

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Please continue to pray for the team as they spend their final day in Kenya today, Tuesday 07/18/2017. Tomorrow they will travel back to Nairobi to begin their journey home. 

A few highlights from Monday:

Today our team divided into 2 groups. Renee, Rachel, Kelsey, Kasey and Courtney visited the clinic located here in Ewaso Ngaro and heard about the amazing things that occur there to help people all throughout the region in regards to health care. The clinic is an international collaboration and is truly amazing.

Phil, Jenna, Nicole, Ashley, Morgan, and Luke had the opportunity to travel to Isinon- a community WRCC has been involved in for many years with health care, buying goats, digging a well, and planting a church with CCC. The well has had a fair share of issues over the years and is not currently operating. However, the company who drilled the well was actually staying at the same location here in Ewaso Ngiro and agreed to travel to Isinon with us. They did testing and are confident there's lots of water underground, but the pump is not functional. Many were lining up for water and it was very disappointing to have no water to give them. We gathered them under a nearby tree and shared the update and told them about "Living Water".  We were able to connect them with Pastor Wilson who is ministering there. We prayed for both physical and spiritual water.

After reuniting back in Ewaso, we ended our day with dinner followed by a spontaneous worship service under the stars. We head out early in the morning for a safari.

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Sunday Worship in Kenya

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Today I went to Katakala CCC church with Ashley, Renee, Luke and Edwin (our driver). It took awhile for us to figure out where to go but we got to see zebras and gazelles on the way there and back. So thank you Edwin for getting lost.

When we reached the church, we were welcomed by loud music coming from inside. The pastors came over to greet us and Edwin got lots of pictures. The kids sang and danced for us and Renee, Ashley and I were invited to dance as well.

Luke preached about the armor of God and it was so touching. He asked a question that got me thinking, "what armor are you wearing?" It just made me think about the armor that I'm wearing and I just knew I should probably start paying attention to God and the Bible.

After Luke preached, we came back to the compound and Bishop James (my best lie) was waiting for our part of the team at lunch. We played spoons for a little bit and everyone went outside to see Luke's experiment. The first one didn't work but the second one did and it was really cool.

I sat on the porch outside of Phil, Bishop James and Luke's house and talked to Edwin for almost an hour. It was really fun and we kept making each other laugh.

Bishop James and I went for a walk around the compound and it was really fun to just talk with him.

The day ended with us celebrating Renee's birthday around the campfire.

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