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Saturday in Kenya

Hello again from Kenya. Today our team transitioned from working at Il Tum Tum and did an all day training for pastors, Church leader, Sunday school teachers, and those working with youth. We hosted the training at Community Christian Church (CCC) at Ole-tukat. This church was started in the early 1980s by the father of Bishop James Sinkua. He was one of the first converts to Christianity among the Massai.

We encouraged these church leaders with the Biblical account of David killing Goliath. Kasey shared how to find the main idea of a passage, Nicole shared how to ask and welcome questions, and Renee shared how to involve students into the learning process through hands on activities. We ate lunch, took tea, and enjoyed the fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

After saying goodbye, we travelled to Narok for dinner and shopping at a supermarket, then arrived to Ewaso N-giro to the CCC training center which will be our home until Tuesday.

It has been so encouraging to see each person on the team engage and invest their heart into each ministry opportunity. They  have each been humble, flexible, and servant-hearted, a true expression of Jesus in all situations.

Continue to pray for our team as we travel to several churches to preach and worship tomorrow (and throw a crazy wild Kenya style party for our team leader Renee's birthday).

It's an honor to make deeper friendships with each person on this team and serve alongside them.

Phil Heller
(Massai name Lemaiyan "blessed one")

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A Day of Celebration with IlTumTum Primary School

Though we came as ambassadors of the Lord, we were treated as honored guests! The head teacher, teachers, board, students, and parents expressed great appreciation for our time at their school and for the teacher resources and student gifts. To so many of us it really would not seem a great amount but when you have barely any teacher resources to help your students learn, these resources seem as if they'd won the lottery.

The simple cinch sacs that contained a few school supplies, comb, and toothbrush/toothpaste were as if every item in a child's Christmas list had been received. The one blow pop inside was a highlight for each student as a "sweet" is a very rare treat. We were entertained with poems by girl groups, singing, and traditional Masai dance by the class 8 boys. One of my favorites to witness each time in this country.

God continues to work in this beautiful area with these incredible people. Please pray for this school as they are in need of many structural things. Pray funding can be found to help continue educating the children of IlTumTum. We spoke to many who want to be doctors, lawyers, politicians, teachers, and more. 

As I spoke to the assembly yesterday I encouraged the parents, as I do with my own students' families: "if learning is important to you, it will be important to your child. It's then, that we will see these children change the world!"

We ask for your continued prayers for our journey here. Pray for good health as well. Everyone is well and enjoying Kenyan food.

God Bless!

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