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Appalachia: Day Off for the Team

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Wednesdays are well deserved days off for the volunteers of Red Bird's work camp. The ladies headed out first thing in the morning to visit the campus' Community Store and meet the elderly folks at the Senior Center before heading south to Pineville State Park to have a nice scenic lunch at a restaurant at the top of the mountain.

After lunch,  the team hiked up to Pinnacle Overlook in Cumberland Gap Nat'l Park, then split up..some staying in Kentucky and some crossing over the border into Virginia. (See white line...KY on left.)

What a beautiful day for hiking! What beautiful views! A few team members even made it to the top of Tri-State Peak to stand on the boundary line of 3 states and take a selfie.

A short stop to Walmart purchasing our homeowner a few items to spruce up her deck and dinner made for a great deserved day.

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Taking Stock

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I’m taking stock today of…

A mother, who gave birth to this breeched and mixed up baby, teenager and young mother.

Two grandmothers, who taught me hospitality and perseverance.

Two daughters, who daily challenge and thrill me with their young womanhood.

Three aunts, dotting on an only niece with favorite foods and thoughtful gift giving.

Two mothers-in-law, who treat me as if they gave birth to me.

Three great-grandmothers, a grand pleasure to know and be known by such wisdom.

Dozens of teachers, giving countless hours that my desire for knowledge might be quenched.

Two cousins (we are a family of mostly boys), who giggled in church basements and Christmases.

Countless friends, some who are more like sisters, or what I imagine a sister would be. 

These are just the immediate women I am blessed to know and who in some big and small ways have come to know me. Add the presence of those I have met through social media (mostly the only reason I still bother with it), and I don’t have time to do the math. They have influenced and taught me lessons on life, spoken or observed, positive or not so much, for the last forty-something years. And as I stop to contemplate the lessons learned, I wonder at the experience of a woman’s life, the great opportunity that waits for us, if we are willing to share it. That God would create such a beautiful creature as a helper for a man, to walk beside, and to create herself, whether more humanity or to feed into the created all around her. Women, we are here for extraordinary purposes.

Today, celebrate all the women in your life. Women, celebrate other women.  Notice the specialness breathed into each one by their creator. And let your life be on display for who you are first and foremost – a child of God – uniquely made and loved for this day and everyday you have breath in your lungs, to love, to show mercy, to speak into the life all around you.

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