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Appalachia: Sawing, Painting, & "Rusty Girl"

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The team has a stalker! From the first day on the jobsite, an adorable reddish dog has been following our team at Bonnie's house. Although very skittish, she hangs with us the entire day. The team first named "him" Rusty...but soon changed it to "Rusty Girl".

Bonnie's new deck is making progress! The team has used (or been taught to use): hammers, drills, crow bars, post hole diggers, tap bars, levels, triangles, circular saw, sawzall, and kwik crete.

Besides building her new deck, we've mulched her tired flower bed, planted new flowers, painted her late husband's arbor, and made a sign from repurposed wood from her old deck.

The team has connected with Bonnie and her son, Jason, quite nicely. She came right out this morning when we arrived to pray with our team and tell us how she just loves us! Bonnie is receiving much needed community as she only leaves her home once a month. The team now can see how God has arranged this entire week/project so perfectly. 

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Appalachia: Day Off for the Team

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Wednesdays are well deserved days off for the volunteers of Red Bird's work camp. The ladies headed out first thing in the morning to visit the campus' Community Store and meet the elderly folks at the Senior Center before heading south to Pineville State Park to have a nice scenic lunch at a restaurant at the top of the mountain.

After lunch,  the team hiked up to Pinnacle Overlook in Cumberland Gap Nat'l Park, then split up..some staying in Kentucky and some crossing over the border into Virginia. (See white line...KY on left.)

What a beautiful day for hiking! What beautiful views! A few team members even made it to the top of Tri-State Peak to stand on the boundary line of 3 states and take a selfie.

A short stop to Walmart purchasing our homeowner a few items to spruce up her deck and dinner made for a great deserved day.

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