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Worthy of Her Calling

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“Lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God…” Ephesians 4:1b


“I’m a teacher of children with special needs.” She states this quietly and pauses with uncertainty as our small circle of friends waits for her to continue. Very much an introvert, she gathers up courage, and allows herself to speak about what she does, but we don’t hear much about her, rather the students and families she serves. An otherwise soft voice began to gain strength and confidence as she spoke about the people she gets to spend time with every day, often while dealing with physical pain of her own. As I listened to her unfold a piece of who she is, I was reminded of the Christ I see in her; 

obedient, selfless, gentle. 

She is worthy of her calling. 

She loves what she gets to do. So much so that she puts a chronic health condition far behind those she serves. What I saw was not a woman thoroughly explaining the sacrifice of dealing with her own pain multiplied by the pressures of teaching students with special needs, many with severe health issues of their own, but rather pure joy that spread across her face the more she talked about this call on her life to love and nuture her students.

She is worthy of her calling.

God made her for this. She recognized it, pursued it and shares it in a manner worthy of the generous gift she has been given. It is not easy, this work that taxes her delicate body, but she does it, drawing attention instead to the people she serves, to the God she serves.

Her gift is recognized as that – a gift. Not in her power, not her idea, not an attempt to self -promote, she freely speaks with passion about the people she serves. This makes her worthy of the gift of Christ. She is a humble servant and lives in such a way that benefits the lives of others.  Most people will never know, but those she touches will, making it hard to resist not sharing their gifts with others.

She is worthy of her calling. 

Are you wondering if you have anything to share? Not sure how God has uniquely made you for the work and blessing of the Kingdom? Try taking a short gifts assessment here. Then pray about what is revealed and begin seeking opportunities to share them, wherever you are, to the benefit of others and the glory of God. This is a life worthy of a calling.