Grades 1 - 5

What is our goal in the Elementary Ministry?

The WRCC Elementary is here to create experiences for students to know that God loves them (Establishing Faith) and they can grow in their walk with him (Form Character). Everything we do is focused around this goal.

Services | Thursdays, 6:30pm and Sundays, 9:00am and 11:00 am

Each service is age appropriate complete with worship, teaching, offering, communion, and small group discussion. Our lesson is a variation of the same teaching offered in the main adult worship service.  We call this approach to teaching "The Big Idea." It is designed to allow families to share and discuss Scripture in a whole new way.  

Where do I check in my student?

For all three services, you will check in your student at one of our Electronic Check-In stations located throughout the building.

How and where do I DROP OFF & PICK UP up my student?

DROP OFF: We are in The Eddy, on the east side of the building near the Gym. If you enter the building by door #2, we are on the left. If you come in the main entrance, go through the Lobby and head up the ramp that takes you to the Discovery Room. At the end of the hall, take a left. When you pass the Gym entrance - we are in the next hall on the left.

Unlike the Preschool Hallway where you drop off your child at their room, you will drop off your student at the east entrance to The Eddy.

PICK UP: From the Main Lobby, take the ramp that is next to the Coffee Area, going toward the office. At the end of the hallway, take a right. Once you are in The Eddy, look for signs on the door with your student's grade. You will give the small group leader the tag you received at check-in and then sign your student out. To exit, leave the same way you came in for pick-up.

Who can pick up my student?

When you check in your student using the electronic check-in system, there will be TWO tags printed. The first is a name tag for your student and the second is the tag you will use to pick up your student. The individual picking up your student MUST HAVE THE SECOND TAG TO PICK UP YOUR STUDENT. If you or that individual does not have this tag, a form of identification must be presented in order to pick up your student.

How am I contacted if my student needs me?

The electronic check-in tags will have the same number on each tag and if you are needed, that number will be put on the screens in the Worship Center and Cafe.

Does my student need a Bible?

We recommend that all students bring their Bible. We use the NLT version of the Bible, but any translation will do just fine!

What do I need to do if my student is interested in baptism?

We offer the workbook, I Am a Christian Now, for students interested in baptism. We encourage parents to go through this booklet with them. After going through I Am a Christian Now workbook, if you feel that your student is ready for baptism then we are also confident in that decision. If you would like for your student to meet with a pastor, we are more than willing to schedule an appointment.

Will my student be offered communion during services?

Communion is offered in such a way that students who do not take communion are never singled out or made to feel awkward because they do not participate. We explain what communion means and the manner in which it should be taken. Students are advised that communion should be taken by those who believe that Jesus is God’s Son, lived an obedient life, and died to take away our sins (those wrong things we believe, say, or do), so that we may be with Him one day in Heaven. Please have this discussion with your student(s) ahead of time and let them know if you want them to participate in communion.