North (FALL 2017)

Launching SEPTEMBER 10, 2017

We are excited to launch the first offsite worship venue for White River Christian Church as WRCC-North in 2017 at the Hamilton Heights High School.  

God continues to bless the ministry of White River Christian Church in many ways. As He continues to bring people to our congregation, we must continue to find ways to effectively minister to each person and provide meaningful relationship and discipleship. WRCC is pursuing a multisite campus strategy. God is leading us to double our impact, extend our reach, multiply our ministry efforts, and expand our Kingdom contribution. The multisite strategy is a response to what God is doing in our midst and His invitation to join Him! As He reveals to us the next step, we pray for the courage and strength to obey wherever He leads.

Core Community

We are asking for people to commit to worshipping weekly, serving in a ministry area, and inviting others who do not know Christ to join them at WRCC North.  

Commit Now