Ages 2 - Kindergarten

2's & 3's Classrooms | Available during all services, Thursday and Sunday

At age 2 & 3 years, children learn that God made all things and that God cares for him or her; that Jesus is God's special Son and that He did kind and loving things when He lived on earth; that the Bible is a special book about God and Jesus and that Bible stories are true.

4's/5's and Kindergarten | Available during all services, Thursday and Sunday

At age 4 - 6 years, children learn basic information about God: He made the world, He cares for all people, and forgives us when we are sorry for doing wrong. Children will also learn that Jesus died to take punishment for the wrong things we have done and that He rose from the dead and is alive. Children are taught that the Bible tells us to obey God and that we can talk to God in prayer.

Baby Dedication Service

We offer several Baby Dedication Services throughout the year. You will stand together as a family in front of the body of believers and dedicate your child. This is a wonderful time to feel the power of God's church and your church family.