The staff at White River Christian Church strives to live out the mission of connecting every life to Jesus. We love being able to serve alongside you in this endeavor. 



Andy Foster

Elder Apprentice

Greg Nance

Elder Apprentice

Caleb Pannell

Elder Apprentice

Brian Peters

2022 Point Elder

Tom Roberts

Elder - currently on sabbatical

Steve Vincent

Elder - currently on sabbatical

Executive Team

Michelle Barnett

Operations Directoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 118

Fred Knoll

Executive Pastor of Missionoffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 114

Andrew Smiley

Executive Pastor of Teachingoffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 201

Hamilton North

Regan Bennett

Hamilton North & Remnant Admin Manageroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 204

Emma Ping

Children's Directoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 202

Andrew Smiley

Executive Pastor of Teachingoffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 201


D.J. Barnett

Technical Arts Directoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext.162

Allison Brackemyre

Children's Assistantoffice: 317-773-2233, ext. 137

Carrie Corwin

Missional Living & Hispanic Congregation Assistantoffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 110

Jeff DeMasie

Food Pantry Directoroffice: 317-776-2848

Melissa Dixon

Connections Coordinator

Hannah Gute

Student Associate Directoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 136

Paul Hathcoat

Special Needs Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 130

Chris Owens

Local Outreach Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 115

Amber Pierre

Children's Weekend Experience Co-Directoroffice: 317-773-2233, ext. 139

Sue Shaw

Faith Development Assistantoffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 122

Kristi Smith

Children's Weekend Experience Co-Directoroffice: 317-773-2233, ext. 138

Lance Stockton

Noblesville Campus Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 148

Philip Strickland

Worship Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233, ext. 116


Benedict Doma

Facilities Teamoffice: 317-773-2233

John Glover

IT Directoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 150

Stephen Gute

Communications Coordinatoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 203

Jeff Hoistion

Facilities Directoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 121

Sarah Mitchell

Communications Directoroffice: 317-773-2233, ext. 135

Laura Pedde

Finance Directoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 112

Kristin Romano

Facilities Team

Brittany Warner

Facilities Team

Servicio en Español

Miguel Lara

Hispanic Congregation Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 123

Paulina Orozco

Worship Leader