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SENT: small group study

From the beginning of creation, God has been a missional God. He created humans to dwell in relationship with Him, and when we rejected Him, He immediately devised a plan of reconciliation. Join us in your small group for a powerful seven week series called “SENT” where we unpack God’s mysterious plan to rescue our world.

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How Can God Use You?

Stacy Corwin | September 21, 2017

Christians pray sincerely to God, “Use me! Use me to bring about your will!” And those prayers may be altruistic and pure in their motives. I respect the spirit in which...

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Hurricane Harvey Relief - Donations and Trip

Jim Chamberlin | September 13, 2017

Just 12 days ago, we were moved and overwhelmed by the devastation and flooding wreaked on East Texas by Hurricane Harvey. We asked you to: Pray earnestly, Give, and...

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