Baptism is one of the most significant spiritual markers in our lives that we should always remember. Our desire is simply to walk alongside you as you take this important step toward Jesus. Our Elders, Pastors, and Baptism Team look forward to helping make this moment one you'll never forget as you continue to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Why should I be baptized?

Is baptism the next step in your relationship with Jesus? At WRCC, we believe that baptism is the next natural step of every repenting sinner who's placed their faith and trust in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. The Scriptures remind us that it's not our baptism itself that saves us, but by the blood of Jesus Christ and His amazing grace that we are saved. (Ephesians 2:8-9)

When can I be baptized?

Baptism moments at WRCC occur in a number of different ways. Here are a few different opportunities:

  • During a worship service (need to schedule your baptism 2 weeks prior to the service)
  • Immediately following a worship service (up front during invitation moment or near the baptistery)
  • During a baptism celebration event
  • You can also schedule your baptism for a time of your choosing
What should I bring for my baptism?

You are welcome to bring your swimsuit to wear during your baptism. We'll provide you with a new t-shirt to wear, towels to dry off, and even a nice WRCC plastic bag to put your wet clothes in. We've even got you covered if you don't bring anything with shorts, t-shirts, and towels.