The staff at White River Christian Church strives to live out the mission of connecting every life to Jesus. We love being able to serve alongside you in this endeavor. To learn more about our staff structure, you can view our Organizational Chart


Tim Brock

Senior Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 117

Phil Heller

Lead Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 132

Carrie Jo Arndt

Children's Worship Directoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 127

Jim Chamberlin

Global Outreach Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 125

Tracy Edwards

Women's Ministry Directoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 147

Tim Garner

Discipleship Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 126

Stephen Gute

Hamilton North Worship Directoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 203

Tammy Kalstad

Children's Ministry Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 113

Fred Knoll

Local Outreach Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 114

Miguel Lara

Hispanic Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 123

Derek Lariviere

Hamilton North Student Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 204

Jay LeBlanc

Worship Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 116

Derek Lynas

Outreach and Cafe Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 129

Collin Obremski

Student Worship Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 185

Raleigh Pedro

Connections Directoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 119

Tom Rich

Faith Development Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 120

Andrew Smiley

Hamilton North Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 201

Lance Stockton

Student Ministries Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 148

Ross Wellman

White River Sports Pastoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 145


Scott Alexander

Operations Directoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 192

D.J. Barnett

Technical Arts Directoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext.162

Benedict Doma

Facility Careoffice: 317-773-2233

John Glover

IT Directoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 150

Jeff Hoistion

Facilities Directoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext 121

Chester Macon

Facility Careoffice: 317-773-2233

Laura Pedde

Finance Directoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 112

Gene Smith

Facility Supervisoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 134

Chris Owens

Communications Directoroffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 186


Michelle Barnett

Outreach Administrative Assistantoffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 118

Carrie Corwin

Receptionistoffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 110

Stephanie Farmer

Student Administrative Assistantoffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 131

Janna Lynas

Faith Development Administrative Assistantoffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 128

Jessica Miller

Administrative Assistant to Eldersoffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 133

Emma Ping

Hamilton North Administrative Assistantoffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 202

Amy Salladay

Executive Assistantoffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 142

Sue Shaw

Faith Development Administrative Assistantoffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 122

Kelli Trowbridge

Outreach Administrative Assistantoffice: 317-773-2233 ext. 135


Brad Bennett

2018 Point Elder

Tim Etchison


Trevor Harris


Chad Lamb


Lloyd Long


Irv Paul


Lon Porter


Tom Roberts


Andy Vicari


Steve Vincent


Mark Woloshin


Todd Yeager


Kurt Karns

Elder Apprentice

Brian Peters

Elder Apprentice